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I am so EXCITED!🥂 Has anyone heard of the company called Younique? Home to the incredible mascaras that have gone crazy on social media?

I’ve been bursting to tell you that I will be one of the founding Brand Ambassadors when Younique launches in ((MONTH)). If you haven’t heard of it yet… just look at this selfie! It’s amazing stuff! Wish me luck…🙌🏼


I have some exciting news and I can’t wait to share it with you all!!!🥂 Recently I saw a post about Younique makeup launching here. I love it so much I have decided to join and become one of the founding Brand Ambassadors.

Wahooooo! Wish me luck lovelies! I am so excited. If you would like to know more about this opportunity too? Let me know…🙌🏼

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Hey ((NAME)), I hope you are well? Thank you for your comment on my post I truly appreciate your support with my new business. If you love mascara, have you considered joining as a Brand Ambassador too? Or if not, I can pop you on my pre order list to be the first to try the new mascara when in launches? 🩷 xx