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step 1 - sending messages
step 1 - sending messages

Hi ((NAME)), how are you?? I am super excited and couldn't wait to share this with you.

Have you seen the new opportunity that is coming to ((COUNTRY)). I have decided that this is my time for new beginnings and would love to share this journey with you. I would love your honest feedback? Do you have 10 minutes to look at the business overview? 🩷 xx

Hi (NAME)), how are you?? I have some super exciting news! I am just about to join a brand-new opportunity that is launching in ((COUNTRY)). My new business is home to the world famous 4D Mascara. It's a ground floor opportunity and has the most incredible earning potential. I really respect your opinion, if I sent you a short overview video of what I'm doing would you tell me what you think? Would love for us to share this together? 🥰 xx

Hi (NAME)), how are you?? I've just found out about a charity-based company that is about to launch in ((COUNTRY)). It supports women on their healing journey and regaining hope after being affected by childhood sexual abuse, by sharing the love for high end cosmetics and skincare. 10% of all profits go directly to the charity. Would you be open to see how you can make a difference too? 🥰 xx

Hi ((NAME)), how are you?? I need to tell you that I am beyond excited to be joining a supportive sisterhood where I am going to be able to work with my friends. It's a brilliant way for us to link arms and make new connections together.

There is endless earning possibilities around connecting with friends and supporting each other through this new country launch. Shall I send you a short video that explains more? 🩷 xx

step 1 - sending messages