There is no secrets that within The Network Marketing Industry the only thing you need to know is that CONSISTENCY IS KEY to everything!!!

STORIES - Post into your stories daily as many times as you want each day and try not to let them run out!!!

PROFILE - Your profile is your biggest asset and your shop window. Post three times a day and break up what you post.


VIP Group or Page - As much as you like, selfies, tips, tricks, thank you posts etc.

Book Affiliates - It’s so much easier to book affiliates daily instead of trying to book them all at once on a Sunday.

Offer the Opportunity – It is never too soon to start offering the opportunity we have a gift to share with the world that can potentially change someone’s life forever, offer the opportunity like you would offer a drink if they turned up to your house. The more you’re offering the more yeses you will receive.

DAILY DMOs – This is our daily method of operation which includes keeping on track of your progress each day. I don’t know about you but I always feel much better when I can visibly see what I have done for the day. Our DMO (daily method operation) which will help you stay CONSISTENT.

Lots of story content and posts for you to use will be in our telegram channels: