If you haven’t done STEP TWO then please go back and create your curiosity post first.

It’s best to do your REVEAL POST 24hrs after your curiosity post.

I always suggest around 8PM when FB is busy and you will gain more interaction. Again please feel free to use the text provided here or you can create your own like some of the girls have done in the example on the next page.


I am so EXCITED!! Has anyone heard of the company called Younique? Home to the incredible 4D Mascara that has gone crazy on social media? I’ve been bursting to tell you all that I have just jumped on board!! If you haven’t heard of it yet... just look at this transformation from taking it for 15 days!! Its amazing stuff!! Wish me luck!!💕💕xoxo


I have some really exciting news and I can’t wait to share it with you all!!! Recently I saw a post about Younique’s Mascara and it is literally the best thing since sliced bread!! I love it so much I have decided to join and start my own business as a Younique presenter!!!!! Wahooooo!!! Wish me luck lovelies! I am so excited!💕💕xxx

Instead of the link to your website, attach an amazing mascara selfie (we have loads to choose from and can be found in the photo section of The Empowerment Haven team group) its best to only upload one image at a time so it shows the incredible results up large in the newsfeed. Use an image from a real person... Never use Younique’s marketing images, they are too corporate and people are more likely to trust people’s real opinions.


If you post the link to your website people will just click on it and cut you out entirely! They will see the price and probably not order because at this stage they don’t understand what our mascara is all about!! That is what we get paid for!! To explain why our products are better than any other!!

By putting up a post like this, your friends will write on your status ‘good luck’ and then their friends will see your wonderful image too if the post is set to public! You may get no response but this is ok too... they will be watching and it takes a few posts before curiosity gets the better of people. AND INDEED... GOOD LUCK!!!

When your audience start to react to your post I would recommend sending the script that is in step one or the script below… to anyone that likes and comments on the post if you haven’t already reached out to them.

If you have friends asking for more info on the mascara or asking for the price comment “I will message you Hunny” as you don’t want to share the price because if others are interested they may not ask. This then also starts a convo in messenger and the magic happens in messenger.

Hey ((NAME)), I hope you are well? Thank you for your comment on my post I truly appreciate your support with my new business.

Our incredible 4D Mascara sold 16 million dollars the day it launched and broke records everywhere! It has also won lots of awards.🏆

It gives you false lash effect lashes without the glue, hassle or any clumping! I adore it!

Would you like to know the pricing option?xx

If you are doing a bulk order and they are happy to collect from you then you wont need to charge postage. If they don’t live close I would tell them the price including postage. I would then allow your customers to pay you in the same way but ask for their address, email and mobile and it shipped from your website directly to their door.

Or of course you can send them the link to your website directly to order but I personally feel its adding a service doing your customers orders for them. Plus if I send them the link to the website they don’t always order, where they will when they pay me. Whatever works for you.