Affiliates are the bread and butter to your business.

They are a relatively new way to run your business on social media.

Affiliates are being used by different companies world wide and guess what... THEY WORK!!!!!!!

So what is an affiliate and how does all this work. An affiliate is someone who shares the content that you send them either as a micro affiliate (2 posts in one day - Morning and Evening) or an Affiliate every evening for a week onto their facebook, it's that simple.

It works by them sharing your content which is away for you to tap into their community on facebook or instagram and find a new network of people who are either interested in the products or interested in the company.

Affiliates can be used with different products or the opportunity. But we predominantly focus our affiliates on Collagen or Mascara. Using very similar posts that you have just posted over the last 7 days. We recommend running affiliates each week which will really help your business grow.