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Liquid Collagen



Helen - 20 Days into taking collagen. Here is what she has noticed

•Forehead deep wrinkle gone!!

•Even skin tone

•Blemishes and red patches gone!

•Fine lines minimised

•Dark circles much improved

•My eyebrows aren’t feeling as wiry!!

•My skin feels firmer and plumper

•Lines around my nose to mouth have softened

•Jawline! No jowls!!

•Hair feels softer and no fall out!!

•Plumper smoother lips

•Energy levels boosted!

The list goes on!!!!


Kassandra - 35 days into collagen.

“I am speechless

My take off 😱😱😱😱😱😱

I'm blown away by this new product.

I really wanted to share my result after just 35 days!

Photo taken at the same place in my living room and same sweater for better view!!

I can't believe it,

This is madness”


Nicole - 52 days into taking collagen.

This is Day 1 vs Day 52.

The results literally speak for themselves…time and time again.

“🍑 We have the best tasting collagen. It’s a fruity peachy liquid that can be taken as a single shot (no need to mix with water). Seriously.. I’ve tried them all!

🍑 We use premium quality marine peptide collagen - this means that it’s partially broken down so that our bodies can absorb it better, and it’s the closest type of collagen to human collagen so our body already knows what to do with it.

🍑 We use sustainably sourced fish, using the strictest ethical measures in France to produce the collagen.

🍑 We add hyaluronic acid to help lock moisture into the skin.

🍑 We use raw acerola cherry vitamin C which contains 30 times more vitamin C than an orange or lemon.”


Kate is now 24 days into taking collagen and look at her results!!!! Here is what she has had to say:

“I'm all in.

I'm emosh

The results speak for themselves

I urge you to try this if you suffer with your skin.

I've done nothing different other than add one sachet of this into my diet every morning 😱

Finally the sun came up so I could get the same lighting for comparison shots... its gone again now but I do live in Wales”

Honestly I’m speechless with all the results that are coming in!!!xx