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7 Day Affiliates - Post 1

My friend ((NAME)) has just launched some liquid collagen, and it looks so good I鈥檝e agreed to share for her!

This is just 20 days results of using 5000mg of Marine collagen! Marine is closer to your body鈥檚 natural collagen than bovine or vegan collagen, so your body already knows how to put it to work.

These collagen results are from Helen馃槺馃槺馃槺 This is insane!!!!! This is what she has to say!!馃憞馃徏馃憞馃徏馃憞馃徏馃憞馃徏馃憞馃徏

鈥orehead deep wrinkle gone!!

鈥ven skin tone

鈥lemishes and red patches gone!

鈥ine lines minimised

鈥ark circles much improved

鈥y eyebrows aren鈥檛 feeling as wiry!!

鈥y skin feels firmer and plumper

鈥ines around my nose to mouth have softened

鈥awline! No jowls!!

鈥air feels softer and no fall out!!

鈥lumper smoother lips

鈥nergy levels boosted!

Collagen is what holds our skin together. Being a liquid 90% absorbs into the body - powder products only 30%.

We start to loose collagen from age 20, this decreases around 1% per year. which results in -

馃尡Loss of natural fullness in the face

馃尡Brittle nails

馃尡Thinning and hair loss

馃尡Loss of lashes

馃尡Loss of elasticity

馃尡Increase weight

馃尡Joint pain

馃尡Lines and wrinkles

Putting the collagen back into your body can increase it and help with all of the above 馃帀馃帀

((NAME)) also has a way you can get 10% off this too, let me know if you鈥檇 like the details!xxx

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7 Day Affiliates - Post 2

Today I am one of ((YOUR NAME)) Affiliates as I鈥檓 blown away by the results people are having from taking daily collagen sachets.

This is Kassandra鈥檚 results:

鈥業 am speechless

My take鈥︷煒别煒别煒别煒别煒别煒

I'm blown away by this new product

I really wanted to share my result after just 35 days!

Photo taken at the same place in my living room and same sweater for better view!!

I can't believe it, my eyes 馃憗

This is madness 馃槺馃槺馃槺鈥

Collagen is 3/4 of the protein that holds our skin together alongside 1/4 that is elastin. We start to lose collagen from the age of 20 and between 30-40 that massively reduces, from 40 what collagen our skin does produce is extremely weak so adding a collagen supplement back into your daily routine will boost those levels back up.

This link explains more about collagen and the different types: https://www.empowermenthubjoin.com/collagen

If you would like to grab yours comment 鈥淢E鈥 馃憞馃徏馃憞馃徏 and my friend ((YOUR NAME)) will pop you a message xxx

#GlowStrong #dailyyoucollagen

7 Day Affiliates - Post 3

馃槺馃ぉ I am loving being ((NAME)) affiliate these results are incredible this Nicole after 53 days of taking our daily鈥ou collagen!

The results speak for themselves鈥 time and time again. We can鈥檛 even list all the benefits that we are seeing for regulation purposes!

馃崙 ((NAME)) have the best tasting collagen. It鈥檚 a fruity peachy liquid that can be taken as a single shot (no need to mix with water).

馃崙 They use premium quality marine peptide collagen - this means that it鈥檚 partially broken down so that your body can absorb it better, and it鈥檚 the closest type of collagen to human collagen so your body already knows what to do with it.

馃崙 They use sustainably sourced fish, using the strictest ethical measures in France to produce the collagen.

馃崙 They add hyaluronic acid to help lock moisture into the skin.

馃崙 They use raw acerola cherry vitamin C which contains 30 times more vitamin C than an orange or lemon.

You can grab a single box (small or large)馃摝 , grab a subscription 馃搯, OR grab a wholesale account and get the steepest discount!!!馃帀

Either way鈥 you want your hands on this liquid collagen that is hands down the best!!!

7 Day Affiliates - Post 4

Today is Sherri鈥檚 and they are PURE GOLD 馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏

鈥極h my gosh! I have used two other liquid collagens in the past and I鈥檝e never noticed positive changes like I am seeing after just 8 days (taking two doses a day!)! I will be 6锔忊儯0锔忊儯 in June and my turkey neck and chest were areas that really started showing my age!!!

There is definitely Magic Fairy Juice in this liquid collagen!!鈥

Daily鈥ou for the win yet again 馃ぉxxx

7 Day Affiliates - Post 5

Day 130 of taking Collagen for Kate

That's 650,000mg of collagen

13,000mg of hyaluronic acid

32,500mg of raw acerola cherry extract

There is a reason this product is going viral

There is a reason ((YOUR NAME)) can't keep it in stock

There is a reason it works so well

There is a reason it continues to keep working

There is a reason that 100% of participants in our clinic trials saw noticeable results

The formula. It works. Simple

Kate 鈥淚 can't even tell you how much this has done for me personally and emotionally. I have quote on quote "normal" skin and I never thought that I ever ever would.

For some it might be slower but there is not a cats chance in hell I will be without this product!鈥

If you would like more info just pop me below and ((NAME)) will pop you a message.

7 Day Affiliates - Post 6

猸愶笍JUST WOW!!!!猬囷笍猸愶笍

Todays testimonial is from the lovely Angela 馃槉

鈥淣ever thought I would post this - but this is how bad my skin has been since starting menopause but I鈥檓 blown away our liquid collagen it is a miracle and I鈥檝e only taken 9 days 馃檶馃徏馃檶馃徏 can鈥檛 wait to see day 30!! I feel more energised and my hair is thicker鈥 Who needs the info???xx

7 Day Affiliates - Post 7

Today is my last day as ((NAME鈥檚)) Affiliate I have loved sharing all these incredible results with you. If you would like some more info let ((NAME)) know.

Here what Whitney said 鈥淚 don鈥檛 own a full length mirror anymore so I had no idea what my 馃崙 looked like. First pic was taking 1 month into taking taking this liquid gold 鉁 when I snapped a few pics just to 鈥渟ee鈥 if it helped. Today, I went shopping and turned around and was like omg I need to snap a few more and compare. Unfortunately I wasn鈥檛 expecting anything and didn鈥檛 do a very good job documenting but my eyes saw it and the pics I can鈥檛 show you are 馃槷馃槼馃槣

Disclaimer: these are my results. I really debated sharing them. Don鈥檛 come at me. I didn鈥檛 edit them at all other than putting in a collage. Results are individual to each person. I haven鈥檛 lost weight or changed anything. I鈥檓 as surprised as you are at seeing these. This is 5 months of consistent use every single day and not something I would expect to see in a month or even 2 馃ぉ鈥漻xx